Bridal and Weddings

Congratulations! Whether you find yourself ready to pop the question, recently engaged, saying "yes" to the dress, being showered with gifts, or preparing for your special day, there is so much to celebrate! I'm excited to navigate this experience with you through photographs. 

I offer a unique blend of posed, candid and documentary-style wedding photography with an exceptional eye for detail and the ability to tell the story of your day with images full of love, laughter, beautiful light, and style. From our initial consultation to the big day, I'm here to offer artistry, structure, and humor, to offset the stress of the most wonderful day of your life (so far). 

Long after the flowers have died, the dress has been stored, and you're back from your honeymoon, the photographs we capture together will be the most lasting memory of your event. These images will be the ones you show your children and grandchildren, friends and family, for generations to come. 

Every picture tells a story. Let's tell the story of your wedding, together.  

Wedding portfolio